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HELI Dream My Dream:Twenty years of glorious journey Twenty years of fruitful achievement

2016-12-07 13:22:22 137

Oct 9th, 1996.Anhui HELI Co., Ltd was officially listed in Shanghai Stock Exchange.
We had fruitful achievement through twenty years of glorious journey .Time went by so quickly, the twentieth anniversary of the day when our company listed on is closed.

Twenty years of glorious journey   Twenty years of fruitful achievement


Modern production workshop


During the twenty years, Anhui HELI has changed a lot. With the increase of production lines and advanced technology, our measurement of intelligence will be improved. Series of leading brand "HELI, HELI" enjoy a good reputation both at home and abroad. Among them, more than 1700 kinds of online-producted models and 512 products all have independent intellectual property rights. The comprehensive performance of products is in the leading level in China and overseas.

During the twenty years, Anhui HELI maintained theoriginal intention. We continue to work on the people-oriented value and giving back with competitive products. The mission of “HELI lifting the future “ has always been in the shoulders. The company’s pragmatic, innovative, united and efficicent spirit is timeless and affecting the generations of people who go forward courageously.


Our products are ready to go


Now,Anhui HELI with all over the country's 24 provincial-level marketing network and more than 400 sencond and third direct service outlets, can provide with convenient pre-sale, sales and after-sales service, and through vehicle leasing, financial supporting, business platform, etc. The company provides with a variety of solutions for users. Our products have been exported to over 150 overseas countries and regions, and more than 70 countries have established agency relations, and have completed the trademark registrationin more than 60 countries and regions.


The new series of products debut in China (Beijing) International Engineering Machinery Exhibitio


HELI showed the latest R&D results to outside in 2015, including its G series 7-ton of natural gas vehicles, H3 series 3-ton of vehicles, 2.5-tons lithium battery forklift, G2 series 2-tons forklift and other 4 new products.The grand and magnificent exhibition has won high praise from the media and customers, and display comprehensively of the image that “HELI lifting the future “.This exhibition provided an opportunityfor the majority of users to get to know and trust HELI.


Key Laboratory of Industrial Vehicles in Anhui


At present, Anhui HELI has nearly 800 professional R & D staff, including above over a hundred people with master's degree. Technology centers specialized research in institutions machine, parts, basic technology, test, information technology etc.. Professional research covering industrial vehicle drive unit, hydraulic, electrical, transmission, equipment, control, new energy and other aspects of the core technology. At the same time, our company based on the development orientation with first-class international modern enterprise group, and continuously deepenedthe lean production strategy to achieve remarkable results.The companygradually achieved the main business of the whole process of information coverage, and effectively improved the efficiency of organizational control for the company to enhance management and data applications to provide a solid foundation.After years of efforts, Anhui HELI in all aspects of product manufacturing cycle, production efficiency, quality improvement, etc. has been greatly and effectively improved the company's operating efficiency.


Production site


Anhui HELI always firmly believes that to provide users with high-quality products is an important external business conditions to get more respects for the company. Over the years, the company through the promotion of quality awareness, maintaining quality system, strengthening the process control, supplier quality management and Product Quality Miles and other activities, based on quality engineering, and actively implement the "people-oriented, repay the society with refined product" core values.

Chairman, Zhang Dejinawarded the National “May 1” Labor Medal


AQSIQ inspection team comes to our company.


It is said that the dreams of Anhui HELI are many and great. The dream is rely on two decades Anhui HELI people’s beginner’s mind. Both internally and externally, Anhui HELI firmly establish the "skilled workers is also talent", "success depends on details,""wisdom and technology to create a" concept "job innovation" to establish a comprehensive talent. In the "transmission skills, to help improve, with ideas," the heritage and growth environment, vocational skills competitions, post innovation model, the debate and all kinds of exciting theme of cultural activities, so that together the dream of a fuller and more colorful.


HELI dream, my dream


After listed, Anhui HELI’s two decades of development history is forged by HELI stuff’s indefatigable effort with the spirit of a firm belief and dedication. HELI’s dream is my dream. HELI stuffunit their personal dreams with Anhui HELI’s dream. They witnessed the development of Anhui HELI industry to grow and experience the Anhui HELI career through the hardships and glory. Now on a new journey which in the dream that to join the world top five. Would you like to come to be my peers?

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