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Lead is the starting point, HELI new products set out again

2016-09-27 13:33:30 74

Oct 9th, 1996, as the core enterprise of Anhui forklift truck group co., Ltd., Anhui HELI Co., Ltd was officially listed in Shanghai Stock Exchange, then became the first listed Chinese forklift company. After 20 years of development, at present HELI can offer more than 1700 models and 500 types of industrial vehicles including full series of 0.5-46 tonne engine powered forklift, 1-7 tonne electric balance forklift, engineering machinery (ZL30 ,35, 50 wheel loader, ), heavy machinery (12 tons heavy forklift, 45 tons crane, 18-25 ton pile high machine)and key components (the gearbox drive axle assembly, high quality casting, hydraulic cylinder, torque converter, brake) , all these products have independent intellectual property rights. Among them, α-series and H2000 series forklift is the leading product in Chinese forklift market, leading the direction of the industry technology research and development. Series of heavy vehicles, the new environment-friendly G series forklift, series of AC electric forklifts, and other products fill the blanks of forklift market in domestic or province; G series 3 tons of environmentally friendly diesel forklift was awarded the national independent innovation products.1-3.5 ton diesel forklift G series listed in national torch plan projects, 1-4.5 tons of AC battery forklift, 12-46 tons of heavy vehicles has won the first prize in anhui province scientific and technological progress, 45 tons of container cranes and other 7 series of products won the honorary title of the new product in Anhui Provinceand break the monopoly of foreign brands, bulk exporting to the developed countries such as Europe and America.

"Hundred years HELI, world top five” Leading is the starting point, HELI new products set out again.Scan the bar-code for more details:

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